"Where there is hope, there is life." - Anne Frank

Sunday, 20 September 2015

#OOTD No. 4 | 19th September 2015

Today I was heading to the University of Stirling for an open day and so I decided to do a little outfit of the day. These pieces are some of the new bits and bobs that I found in H&M recently and I hope you love them as much as I do. 

Flannel Shirt - H&M £14.99.
Trousers - H&M £7.99.  

Necklace - H&M (couldn't find the link but I got it for £3.99).

With this combination I just wore a pair of flat black ankle boots and a black handbag, which I forgot to take pictures of, as usual. 

Until next time, my friend. 


I know I haven't posted in ages, and that I always do this and then promise to post weekly, and it never happens. So I've decided that I want to post various types of content, more of which will be a bit more like my 'Let's Talk About Life' or 'Amsterdam' posts as opposed to beauty related things. Only because I think I have more to say in more meaningful posts and I enjoy writing them more than beauty posts as I feel that there is only so much I can speak about in that department as I'm no expert. I hope you respect my decision and keep enjoying the content I produce.