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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

What would you like to see?

Within the next few weeks I will be having some exams on so I may not be able post much until around the 8th May I believe. Although after that I will have around 3 weeks off of school so I will be posting quite a lot more frequently to prevent me from being bored. To stop me running out of ideas and you being bored I would really appreciate if you told me what you would like to see. What products do you want reviews of? What tags do you want me to do? Any DIYs you would be interested in? It would really help me if you did tell me what you wanted from my blog so go ahead and either post what you would like to see in the comments or on my facebook page (found here). Go ahead, don't be shy!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time!

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Review: NEW Barry M Gelly Spring Nail Polishes!

I was recently in Superdrug looking at the much raved about Barry M Gelly nail polish line. Previously I wasn't a huge fan of their colour range so I'd never previously purchased any, but I'd heard that more had been released so I thought I'd take a look. Now there are so many gorgeous pastel colours for spring and they are 3 for 2! Any way, here is a little review of the ones I picked up!

left to right: GNP 19 Huckleburry, GNP 20 Rose Hip, GNP 21 Sugar Apple. 
Found here for £3.99 each.

I was quite excited to try out these polishes because I have heard s many good things about them but at the same time I was kind of sceptical because some of the lighter Barry M polishes I've tried have been incredibly sheer. When I tried these out I was so surprised because they were practically opaque after the first coat and the shine was amazing. The colours are absolutely gorgeous and the mint colour especially pops. The formula of these are amazing and the colours are just perfect for spring and summer, I'm really glad that I picked these up and I think that they will definitely be in a favourites in the near future!

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Emma:) x

Monday, 21 April 2014

'Looking for Alaska' Inspired Nail Art

I said to myself earlier in the year that I wanted to do some more nail art. While choosing a book from my book shelf I saw the daisy in front of the 'Looking for Alaska' and thought that it could be a great idea for a nail art design. Anyway, long story short I painted a little daisy-like pattern on my nails and it turned out better than I expected. So, here is a little tutorial of how I did it! (I apologise for the terrible lighting in my photos, I painted my nails at night and had to rely on the flash).

1. I applied a base coat then painted two layers of black onto my nail. I used Barry M's 'Black' - found here for £2.99. 

2. With a dotting tool, I created flower shaped patterns on my nails varying between five and six petals. I used Barry M's 'Matt White', well I think that's what it's called. It can be found in the same link as the previous Barry M polish.

3. Add little yellow dots to the centre of the flower shapes with a dotting tool. This really finishes off the daisies and gives a pop of colour. For this I used NYC In a New York Color Minute in 'Lexington Yellow' - £1.79.

4. Add a top coat to even out and seal your design. This will also give your look a very nice high shine look. For this I used the Rimmel Salon Pro nail polish in 'Clearly Clear' - found here for £4.49. I also cleaned up around the edges of my design so it didn't look messy.

Thanks for reading this blogpost, if you try out this design I'd love to see it! Make sure if you put a picture up on instagram to tag me in it so I can have a look!

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Emma :)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Review: Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel Palette

So today I will be sharing with you a little review and demo of one of the Sleek eyeshadow palettes. You can find the palette here for £7.99. The i-Divine palettes are also available in various other colour other than 'Au Naturel' which I will be reviewing for you. Anyway, enough blabbering; here is my review and demo.

I didn't include swatches of the top row of colours because they didn't really show up effectively on the camera but they look on the eye just as they look in the pan. I absolutely love this palette because the shadows apply smoothly and are incredibly pigmented. They last better with a primer but that isn't too much bother. They are very versatile and can be adapted for everyday or night time looks. They are just perfect for a simple eyeshadow look or a bold smokey eye. I absolutely love it!

Okay, now onto how I use the palette for a couple of everyday looks. (I apologise for the massive close ups of my eye).


I apply 'Taupe' all over my eye lid to give it a simple light shimmer.
I blend 'Bark' through my crease to create some depth to my eye.
I add more 'Bark' with a thinner brush to the outer V of my eye.
I blend everything out with a fluffy brush to make it a bit softer.

And voila! We're finished our first simple eye look. (It looks a lot better in person).

I apply 'Moss' to the lid of my eye for a darker effect.
I apply 'Regal' to the crease of my eye to create a depth and warmth to my eye.
I add blend 'Mineral Earth' to the outer V of my eye.

Blend and that's you done! (Again, looks better in person). Also for both of these eye looks I added 'Nougat' to the inner corner and my brow bone to highlight my eye.

Thanks for reading this very long and picture-full post, I hope you enjoyed! Congrats if you made it to the very end without getting bored.
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Emma :) x

Monday, 14 April 2014

New Things

I have a few little changes to my blog at the moment, so I want to share them with you and new things that I will be introducing.

First of all, I am going to start having a monthly poll. This month the question is 'What is your favourite drugstore makeup brand?'. I will do an extra post at the end of each month discussing the results and all that fun stuff. It would be great if you also explained to me why you have picked that choice through the comments or through facebook. You can vote as many times as you like. The answers to choose from are: Revlon, Maybelline, Rimmel or other. If you choose other, please feel free to share what your favourite brand is in the comments in any of my posts. This poll will be on the right hand side of my site.

I have also added in a new 'of the moment' favourites section in which I share with you my little favourites throughout the month. This is also found at the right hand side of my page.

At the very bottom of my page I have also added a 'Share It' feature with which you can share to facebook or twitter (which would be fab if you did!).

Thanks for reading this little post sharing with you some of my updates to my page. I will have a 'normal' post up as well either today or tomorrow. Enjoy your Easter!

Question: what are you doing for Easter? 

Emma:) x

Monday, 7 April 2014

My Makeup Storage

Now, I don't have the largest makeup collection and I don't have enough to fill one of the Ikea storage drawers that every beauty person on the planet seems to have except me. Because I don't have it, I've come up with some other ways of storing my collection and I'm going to share them with you! Here they are:

1. The ever so simple makeup bag.
I keep all of my everyday use makeup in this makeup bag which I keep at my 'makeup station' so to speak. I only put my everyday products and switch things out so that it doesn't get too cluttered with things I don't use.

2. The acrylic lip product holder.
I keep this also at my 'makup station' which is in the background of most of my pictures. I keep all of my most used lip products in here (and yes I do know that it is not full but that means I have room for more!). I got this from ebay for about £5 and they were available in all different sizes!

3. Stationary drawers.
I have had this set of drawers for absolutely ages and I first got them out of W.H. Smith's for about a fiver. I keep some of my less used makeup products in my top drawer of this and it just means that I have most of my stuff in the one place. You could also keep products in an unused clothes drawer which is what I have also done for my face and body products.

4. A box.
On top of my drawers, you can see a little polka-dot box. I got these stationary box things from Cath Kidston for my Christmas. I didn't really have much of a purpose for them until I realised that I could keep my palettes in here. I keep my palettes and not-so-much used makeup products in here.

5. Another box, of sorts.
I got this when my little brother didn't need his baby box any more and used it to store my nail polishes and have done so to this day. I have far too big a collection to fit anywhere else or to display so I just need to keep them very un-organised in here. 

Thanks for reading this post, I hope I gave you some tips as to how to store your makeup products! Emma:)

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Get To Know Me Tag!

I decided that I wanted to present you with the 'get to know me' tag so that you could all get to know a little bit more about me. So, on with the questions:

1. If you could only blog about one brand's products, which brand would it be?
I would probably say either Maybelline or Revlon. Most likely Maybelline because I own more products from them than I do from Revlon.

2. What's your favourite way to style your hair?
If I have a lot of time in the morning I prefer to straighten my hair but that usually doesn't happen, so I'd have to go for a trusty pony tail.

3. Bold eyes or bold lips?
I'm not a particular fan of bold eyes on myself so bold lips.

4. What's that one movie that you can watch over and over again?
I would have to say one of the Harry Potter movies. Most likely the Prisoner of Azkaban.

5. What's your most used/loved product?
Nail wise I'd say my Revlon base coat and makeup wise my Sleek blush in 'Rose Gold'.

6. Do you have any pets? 
Yes I do, I have two fantail goldfish (hold the excitement) which are called Nemo (my 3 year old brother's name choice) and Chino. For my birthday I'm going to be getting a bigger fish tank and more fish too (I lead such an exciting life, you don't have to tell me).

7. What's on your nails right now?
I have some gel nails on at the moment that I did myself for the first time so please just don't judge. 

8. What's the one think you hate about applying makeup?
The amount of time it can take.

9. What's your favourite time of year?
It's close between summer and winter. The weather can be equally as bad in each of them in Scotland so it depends what the weather is like.

10. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
I just love the freedom of it all. I feel as if I can say what I like and I can choose what to write about and it's just all lovely.

That's all the questions for this tag! If you would like me to do more tags please leave them in the comments or on any one of my social medias and I will make sure to do it! There will also be another post this week just because I think it's about time that I post more than I usually do.

I tag all of you to do this! Make sure you tell me on facebook, instagram or in the comments if you've done it and where to find it so I can take a little peek.

Thanks for reading! Emma:)

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