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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 Favourites! | Happy New Year

So here we are at the end of another year and 2015 will be here in just a few short hours. So that means that I'm going to be looking back on my favourite things from 2014. I do warn you, you'll have seen the majority of these in previous posts because not much changes from month to month so I won't say much on each product and I'll add a few extra random favourites from throughout the year at the end. So here we go!

1. Rimmel Match Perfection foundation
This has been mentioned in so many posts over the past few months from quick fix makeup must haves to monthly favourites, but it truly has been my favourite foundation that I have tried from this year and I still continue to wear it practically everyday. You can find it here for £6.99.

2. eos Lipbalms
In the picture above is the 'blueberry' flavour I believe but these lipbalms are my absolute best friend all year round. They leave your lips so ridiculously soft and they have the perfect texture. I just cannot give them enough praise. You can get these from Urban Outfitters or on Amazon for around £5 each. 

3. L'Oreal False Lash Flutter Midnight Blacks mascara
This has also been mentioned time and time again but I just cannot miss this out in this post. I am a very picky mascara person, and if a mascara makes my eyelashes look the slightest bit 'spidery' or clumped then I will not use it. But I seriously love this thing to pieces and I'm a little bit afraid to use anything else because this just makes my lashes look so much better. You can find this here for £9.35.

4. Revlon Colorstay Gel Eyeliner
Whenever I have any eyeliner on, I use this bad boy. I just think that gel eyeliner and a brush is so much easier to use than a felt tip or liquid eyeliner. This, paired with a good primer will last all day and leave you with a beautiful wing. (Well, I haven't mastered that last bit yet).

5. Urban Decay Primer Potion
I was recommended this by my friend Ailsa quite a good few months back and her recommendation did not disappoint! This thing keeps my eye makeup on my eyes rather than elsewhere on my face. It's just so good and you can find it here for £16.

6. Sleek Blushes

You've seen these so many times in previous posts but these by far have been my favourite blushes throughout the entire year. Here I have the shades 'flushed' and 'rose gold' and they can be found here for £4.49.

7. The Naked 2 palette
This thing cannot be beaten in my opinion for eye shadows. The mixture of mattes and shimmers is just perfect and Urban Decay's formula is just so pigmented and amazing! I particularly like the warmer tones to this palette compared to the tones of the other two palettes as this one suits my skin tone better. You can find it here for £37.

8. Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in 'Sugar Apple'
I wore this nail polish pretty much all the way through spring and summer, which is highly unlikely for me to do. The colour of this is just a beautiful vibrant mint colour that is just great for spring and summer. It can be found here for £3.99.

9. Seche Vite topcoat
This just cannot be beaten in the world of topcoats. It's as close to a gel polish that isn't a gel polish as you can get (if that made any sense). It just leaves your nails so smooth and can make your polish last for over two weeks. You can find it here for £9.85 or on Amazon for around £5.  

10. Orly 'Star Spangled'
I was wearing this pretty much non stop on the lead up to Christmas because it's just such a beautiful festive red glitter. Now, 'glitter' can scare people when it comes to removing nail polish but trust me, this comes off so easily because the glitter is so fine. Well done Orly. You can get your hands on it here for £10.99 (I know, a bit pricey for a nail polish, but it's worth it).

11. L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray
I used to hate wearing hairspray because it would leave my hair crunchy and tuggy, until I discovered this. It really does leave your hair feeling as normal and disappears at the stroke of a brush, while still keeping your hair in place all day. You can find this here for £4.69.

Random Favourites
Now, I'm just going to make a list of the various things that I've been liking in the movie/book section of my life and I'll add a link if I've wrote about it on my other blog so you can see more about it.

1. Mockingjay Part 1 (movie) link
2. Divergent trilogy (books and movie) 
3. The Maze Runner (books and movie) link
4. The fault in Our Stars (book and movie) 
5. The Book Thief - Markus Zusak
6. Paper Towns - John Green

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed! And I hope you have a great New Year and I'll see you in 2015!

Emma x

Monday, 29 December 2014


Before I begin, I'd like to apologise for the state of my mirror in the first picture, I appreciate that it is truly needing a good clean but I couldn't get a complete view of the outfit without using it. Anyhow, onto the actual clothes bit.

Jumper: I picked this jumper up at Forever 21 for around £18, but no matter how hard I try, I cannot for the life of me find the link to it, so apologies. I only picked it up a few days before Christmas so it should be around still in the shops. 

Skirt: I again picked this up at Forever 21 for a bargain price of £9.50. There is a bit of a pattern running through the skirt that you can't really see in my pictures, however, you should be able to see it from the picture on Forever 21's website.

Bag: You cannot go wrong with a good satchel and I managed to pick mines up at River Island for £30. There is also a smaller option available if you don't need to carry as much as I normally do.

Necklace: Again, I couldn't find the link to this necklace, however I found a necklace that is very similar here. I picked mines up in the Dorothy Perkins section of BHS, however it was nowhere to be seen on their website!

Bracelet: Nomination bracelet. I've had mines for years and they can practically be found on the majority of jewellery websites.

Thanks for reading this blogpost, I hope you enjoyed! I hope you all had a great Christmas and there will be a special post up on Wednesday for 2015!

Emma x

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Thursday, 25 December 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I hope you are all having a very merry Christmas and that you are eating as much food as you can possibly hold in your stomach. I know I will be! I hope that you're all enjoying the company of your families and enjoying the present that you got (even though that's not what its really meant to be about). I've got to be honest, I'm not all that religious but I do celebrate this day as a day that you spend time with your friends and families and appreciate each others company in whatever way you wish. We have a tradition in our family that everyone stays Christmas night at our house, and on Boxing Day, we play a few of the games that we got the previous day. 

This may well be one of the most boring and pointless posts I've ever done but I just wanted to wish you all a happy Christmas. And yes, I did have a photoshoot with my Christmas tree to get those pictures. 

I'd love to hear your Christmas traditions if you'd like to leave them in the comments:)

Merry Christmas, 

Emma x

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Present Ideas

It's that time of year again when you are being asked what you would like for Christmas, and if you're anything like me the answer probably be 'I don't know'. So today I thought I'd share with you some ideas of things that you might like to get or give. 

1. ghd products
ghd v rose gold styler found here for £130
ghd curve soft curl tong found here for £110
Now, I know it's a big present to start with and costs near enough an arm and a leg, but ghd products are the best thing ever to exist for hair styling. This year I'm going to be getting their limited edition rose gold straighteners from my mum which are just so GORGEOUS because she broke my last pair. I've heard exceedingly good things about their curling tools which are coming out soon so you might want to check those bad boys out on the ghd website linked here.

2. The Naked Palettes
All palettes can be found here including the basics palettes. Full palettes are £37 and basics are £22.

If you do not have one of these then you most definitely want one in your life. Again, a bit on the pricier side if it's just for a friend but I guess it depends on how much you want to spend. There is also the option of the Naked Basics palettes which are cheaper and offer a more limited range of colours. You cannot go wrong with this products if it's going to a girl that loves makeup.

3. A Nice Makeup Bag
'Giller' Ted Baker wash bag found here for £29

Every girl wants a nice bag to keep her makeup in. And these bags can be found in a variety of prices; from 20-odd pound Ted Baker bags to £3 primark ones. They can also be found in a variety of sizes and shapes and God knows what else so they can suit any girl. 

4. Pyjamas
Penguin Fleece Pyjama Bottoms found here for £6
The majority of girls seem to have this fascination with Christmas pyjamas, so why not get a pair? Again you can get a really large variety of these and they can range in prices. My favourite place to get Christmas jammies is actually either Primark or Asda as they are pretty decent quality and you don't have to break the bank! Another option for a nice little home comfort is a nice pair of cosy slippers or fuzzy socks.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed! And I hope you have a great Christmas!

Emma x

Monday, 1 December 2014

November Favourites 2014

It's that time of the month again, it's favourites time! After taking a few months off of favourites I have a few new picks that I'm loving that I'm going to share with you. Let's just jump right in, shall we?

I'm going to start off with the products that I don't really need to swatch or anything.
1. Argon Oil
I managed to get this specific argon oil for around £1 in body care so I decided to give it a whirl. I simply put this through the bottom 2 thirds of my hair when it is wet and by the time it's dry, my hair is amazingly soft and shiny. A must have for all with hair. 

If you have seen any of Essie Button's videos (which you should have), she is a huge fan of hair clips. I am also a follower of this clan and love using these to get my hair out of my face whether I'm relaxing at home, going out and about or applying makeup. They have so many uses! I managed to pick these up in Superdrug for a few pounds, however I couldn't find them on their website!

3. Bourjois Kohl and Contour Eyeliner in 'Ultra Black'

I do not think that you could get a better highstreet eyeliner if I'm being honest. This beats my old Revlon Colourstay hands down. It has amazing lasting power, is pretty smudge-proof and has amazing colour payoff. You can find this for only £4.99. *swatch at the end of the post*

4. No 7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in 'Winter Berry'
This is, plainly enough, just the perfect winter berry lip, just as the name states. The formula of this is also amazing and keeps your lips moisturised all day long. This is seriously just perfection in a bullet. Found here for £9.95. *swatch at the end of this post*

5. Sleek Blush in 'Flushed'
This is, again, the perfect winter shade. It gives you the great 'I'm in from a cold day but I don't look like a clown' kind of look. Because, the good thing about this is that it's pigmented, but not too pigmented to the state that it takes loads of effort to blend it all out nicely. It's just amazing to be quite honest and can be found here for £4.49.

6. No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow
This is just the perfect shade for everyday use as it's natural, but still adds a lovely cool-toned sheen to the lid. It also has pretty amazing staying power when combined with a primer. The only downside however, is that it's part of a trio so you have to buy all three to get it because this single shadow was limited edition. I'll link the 'good earth' trio so you can pick it up if you wish anyway, it can be found here for £9.50

Here are the swatches in order left to right.

Thanks for reading this blogpost, I hope you enjoyed this monthly favourites!
Emma x