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Monday, 21 April 2014

'Looking for Alaska' Inspired Nail Art

I said to myself earlier in the year that I wanted to do some more nail art. While choosing a book from my book shelf I saw the daisy in front of the 'Looking for Alaska' and thought that it could be a great idea for a nail art design. Anyway, long story short I painted a little daisy-like pattern on my nails and it turned out better than I expected. So, here is a little tutorial of how I did it! (I apologise for the terrible lighting in my photos, I painted my nails at night and had to rely on the flash).

1. I applied a base coat then painted two layers of black onto my nail. I used Barry M's 'Black' - found here for £2.99. 

2. With a dotting tool, I created flower shaped patterns on my nails varying between five and six petals. I used Barry M's 'Matt White', well I think that's what it's called. It can be found in the same link as the previous Barry M polish.

3. Add little yellow dots to the centre of the flower shapes with a dotting tool. This really finishes off the daisies and gives a pop of colour. For this I used NYC In a New York Color Minute in 'Lexington Yellow' - £1.79.

4. Add a top coat to even out and seal your design. This will also give your look a very nice high shine look. For this I used the Rimmel Salon Pro nail polish in 'Clearly Clear' - found here for £4.49. I also cleaned up around the edges of my design so it didn't look messy.

Thanks for reading this blogpost, if you try out this design I'd love to see it! Make sure if you put a picture up on instagram to tag me in it so I can have a look!

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Emma :)

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