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Monday, 7 April 2014

My Makeup Storage

Now, I don't have the largest makeup collection and I don't have enough to fill one of the Ikea storage drawers that every beauty person on the planet seems to have except me. Because I don't have it, I've come up with some other ways of storing my collection and I'm going to share them with you! Here they are:

1. The ever so simple makeup bag.
I keep all of my everyday use makeup in this makeup bag which I keep at my 'makeup station' so to speak. I only put my everyday products and switch things out so that it doesn't get too cluttered with things I don't use.

2. The acrylic lip product holder.
I keep this also at my 'makup station' which is in the background of most of my pictures. I keep all of my most used lip products in here (and yes I do know that it is not full but that means I have room for more!). I got this from ebay for about £5 and they were available in all different sizes!

3. Stationary drawers.
I have had this set of drawers for absolutely ages and I first got them out of W.H. Smith's for about a fiver. I keep some of my less used makeup products in my top drawer of this and it just means that I have most of my stuff in the one place. You could also keep products in an unused clothes drawer which is what I have also done for my face and body products.

4. A box.
On top of my drawers, you can see a little polka-dot box. I got these stationary box things from Cath Kidston for my Christmas. I didn't really have much of a purpose for them until I realised that I could keep my palettes in here. I keep my palettes and not-so-much used makeup products in here.

5. Another box, of sorts.
I got this when my little brother didn't need his baby box any more and used it to store my nail polishes and have done so to this day. I have far too big a collection to fit anywhere else or to display so I just need to keep them very un-organised in here. 

Thanks for reading this post, I hope I gave you some tips as to how to store your makeup products! Emma:)

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