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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Review: Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel Palette

So today I will be sharing with you a little review and demo of one of the Sleek eyeshadow palettes. You can find the palette here for £7.99. The i-Divine palettes are also available in various other colour other than 'Au Naturel' which I will be reviewing for you. Anyway, enough blabbering; here is my review and demo.

I didn't include swatches of the top row of colours because they didn't really show up effectively on the camera but they look on the eye just as they look in the pan. I absolutely love this palette because the shadows apply smoothly and are incredibly pigmented. They last better with a primer but that isn't too much bother. They are very versatile and can be adapted for everyday or night time looks. They are just perfect for a simple eyeshadow look or a bold smokey eye. I absolutely love it!

Okay, now onto how I use the palette for a couple of everyday looks. (I apologise for the massive close ups of my eye).


I apply 'Taupe' all over my eye lid to give it a simple light shimmer.
I blend 'Bark' through my crease to create some depth to my eye.
I add more 'Bark' with a thinner brush to the outer V of my eye.
I blend everything out with a fluffy brush to make it a bit softer.

And voila! We're finished our first simple eye look. (It looks a lot better in person).

I apply 'Moss' to the lid of my eye for a darker effect.
I apply 'Regal' to the crease of my eye to create a depth and warmth to my eye.
I add blend 'Mineral Earth' to the outer V of my eye.

Blend and that's you done! (Again, looks better in person). Also for both of these eye looks I added 'Nougat' to the inner corner and my brow bone to highlight my eye.

Thanks for reading this very long and picture-full post, I hope you enjoyed! Congrats if you made it to the very end without getting bored.
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Emma :) x

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