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Monday, 5 May 2014

Dealing with EXAMS!

I have been doing exams for the last 2 years and along the way I have picked up some things that need to be done. I am still not exactly perfect at preparing for exams and I probably never will be! Anyway, today I wanted to share with you my tips and tricks for dealing with exams!

1. Don't get stressed!
This is probably easier for me to say than some other people because I don't really get stressed but I know some of you out there do! Just try to relax yourself by taking a bath or putting on a facemask, whatever you might do! if you get stressed out then you will be more concerned about the fact that you are stressed than the actual exam preparation. Stay calm.

2. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!
I myself procrastinate quite a fair bit, but you need to at least try to keep yourself on track! You need to feel as if you are going into an exam fully prepared so that you can do your very best. If you do not prepare or revise then you will not do your best. You want to try to give yourself your best chance to get the best mark.

3. Calm!
This is kind of the same as the first one, but it's at a different time that you need to calm down. In Scotland you sit your exams around May and get your results in August. That's quite a while to wait! I know a lot of people who are really nervous right up until they get their results which isn't the best way to do it. You are better to just tell yourself that you did your best and try to forget about it because ultimately you cannot change your mark once it is done!

4. Food is your best friend!
This sounds so weird but to save yourself from getting distracted you need to find something that you can do while revising. I like to have a bit of background noise although depending what it is (youtube videos, TV) then I can get distracted. Anyway, if you eat healthy foods then it helps you find something as well as the studying that you can do. If that makes any sense.

Ii hope these kind of made sense and are helpful to you! Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time!


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