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Monday, 19 May 2014

DIY Nail Art Dotting Tools

Today I'm showing you the various ways that you can create dots for your nail art without dotting tools! I love these different ways to create dots using household objects. It also means you don't have to spend money on dotting tools (like I did before i worked these out).

These are the dots that created with the dotting tools. These are just for reference between the actual dotting tools and the other methods. Each method is in a different colour and this one is in dark purple. Anyway on with the other methods!

1. A pencil.
You can use a pencil to get a variety of dots in different sizes depending on how sharp the pencil is. Here I used a reasonable blunt pencil and used light purple. You can also use a pen which has ran out for this.

2. The end of a paint brush.
As I was looking in my nail box for my dotting tools, I found this brush which I then realised that I could use to make a dot. These make a little bit bigger of a dot and I did them in pink.

3. A kirby grip/bobby pin.
The little blobs at the end of a hair grip are perfect for creating reasonable sized dots. I did these in blue.

4. A cocktail stick/tooth pick
These at first create very small dots, which I have done, but you can build up the nail polish on the end of the stick to create bigger dots. I accidentally did these in the same colour of as the brush dots but you can tell the difference because the dots are a lot smaller.

If you're interested in buying dotting tools, mines only cost a couple of pounds from ebay.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed! If you use any of these methods to create nail art I'd love if you tagged me on the picture on instagram (@aspectofbeauty). 

Keep your eyes peeled for more DIYs that will be coming your way!

Emma x

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