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Monday, 12 January 2015

#OOTD | No. 2

So I quite enjoyed doing my outfit of the day last time I did it so I've decided to upload a new one every few weeks so I can add a bit of fashion to this blog so we have a bit of variety going on. Lets also hope that I can find all the links to the items I'm wearing so you know where to get the different pieces. 

I picked these black skinny jeans up a good few months back from New Look for about a tenner. I feel like black skinny jeans are a staple item for everyone's clothes collection. You can pick these up here for £12.99.

I think this colour is beautiful for this time of year and it just looks gorgeous. I picked this up in Topshop and they always seem to have this top out in different colours for different seasons. You can find it here for £16.

I absolutely love this necklace and it gives the perfect boho-type look. I picked this up in Accessorize and you can even get matching pieces for it. You can get it here for £6. 

This has become one of the most worn items that I have recently and I absolutely love it. It keeps me nice and cosy while still being fashionable. I picked this up at Forever 21, and as always I cannot find the link, I seriously think the Forever 21 website has a hatred towards me. Anyway, I found this one which is kind of similar and it is again from Forever 21. 

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed! More fashion-type posts should be coming your way soon. I also have a few reviews that are coming in the near future.

Emma x

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