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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Review: Rimmel Space Dust

Rimmel Space Dust in '003 Aurora'
This is now by far one of my favourite nail polishes even though I've only had it a day! This is a perfect kind of rose gold colour that I adore! This is also great because it give great glitter coverage, only 2 coats are needed for a full glitter effect which is amazing because most glitter polishes only give little glitter coverage. The polish has a variety of sizes of glitter which also gives better coverage. All of the colours in this range are beautiful and I would highly recommend them!
When you apply the polish it feels a little like your painting them with a sand because of the fine glitter, but it still applies smoothly. The finished result feels slightly rough, but I'm sure with a few layers of a thickly applied top coat, that it should even out. I only applied a layer of my top coat and it still feels rough, but I got used to it very quickly.
This is definitely a product worth trying if you love the effect of glitter polishes (although trust me, it doesn't look too sparkly on your nails, I promise you!). Fab new product, much needed in the nail polish world!
You can find this nail polish for £3.99 at: Boots - link and Superdrug - link (free delivery until Oct 22nd!) 
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