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Sunday, 10 November 2013

My Everyday Essential Makeup Brushes

I was originally going to combine this post with my everyday makeup essentials posts (found here) although soon found out that it would result in a huge novel. So I decided to make this a separate post. So here are my brushes that I use on a daily basis: (there wont be any links or prices for these but the coastal scents brushes can be found on ebay or amazon if your in the UK in a 12 piece brush set for something like £15)
(this is going from left to right throughout the post)

Coastal Scents 'LC'
This eyelash/eyebrow comb is something I use on a daily basis to make my eyebrows look tamed. It's pretty good although I don't know if it's 'amazing' compared to other lash combs.

Coastal Scents S17
I use this brush for my gel eyeliner and it works perfectly as it is thin enough to make the eyeliner look natural. Great brush for eyeliner. Perfect.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I love this brush for blending in my concealer after I've partially blended it in with my fingers. I also like it for blending in thicker foundations as it gives a flawless finish.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush
When I first got this I never really had a purpose for it and mainly used the expert face brush. Although over the months I've found out that this works amazingly with BB creams and blends them to give a flawless finish.

Coastal Scents N24
This natural bristled angled blush brush blends blushers to perfection. It applies just the right amount and is the perfect size for blush. It is also amazing for contouring if you turn it so that it is thinner. It is a great all round, multipurpose brush!

Coastal Scents N27
This is again a natural bristle brush that applies just the right amount of product. In this case, powder. It is the perfect size and applies just enough to set foundation and cover oiliness without making it look cakey. This has to be one of my favourites.

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