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Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer Makeup Haul

So lately I've been collecting quite an amount of makeup between birthday presents and buying the stuff myself. That means that today I am going to be bringing to you a nice little collective haul (because you know I love those types). With that said, let's dive on in!

First off I've got this Maybelline Cover Stick in the shade 'Nude' (£3.99). You previously saw this in my travelling makeup essentials (linked here) because I got it before I went on holiday. I think they've changed the formula a bit since I bought the old one and so far I'm not too sure that they changed it for the better.

Moving swiftly onto the No 7 items that I got (there are quite a few bits and bobs). Starting off with this Beautifully Matte foundation in the shade 'Cool Vanilla' (£13.50). I got colour matched while I was in boots with one of the fancy No 7 machine-type things. I am overall pleased with the experience because the colour matches me perfectly and is apparently suited for my skin type (combination-oily). The foundation contains SPF 15 and is medium to full coverage.

Another No 7 product here which is their Moisture Drench Lipstick in 'Winter Berry' (£9.75). I have to say that the No 7 products are a bit more expensive than the usual high street makeup prices but I thought that I would treat myself and give it a whirl. I already have 3 different shades of this lipstick which I thoroughly enjoy so I thought I'd add to the collection. These lipsticks feel more like a balm and have an SPF of 15 which is fab for the summer time.

With my 2 No 7 products I got this box set free (which made me extremely happy). I have tried all three of these products already and I absolutely adore them. Here I have the BB Lips in 'Blink Pink'. This is just a tester size but the original size costs £9.00. The swatch does this absolutely no justice whatsoever because on the lips it looks a gorgeous natural pinky tone. Again it has SPF 15 like the rest of the products. We then have the Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara. Again this is the tester size and the original is £12.50. I have to say, I think I may prefer this over my trusty Maxfactor lash extension effect and it's only a tiny bit more expensive! Lastly I have a single eyeshadow which is a gorgeous shimmery champagne colour. This is actually the middle shade of the Stay Perfect 'Good Earth' trio and the trio is £9.50. Love this bad boy.

I then have a little Soap and Glory Lipstick palette called 'Wowed Mouth' (love their little puns) that I got for my birthday. This actually came out last Christmas but it can still be found on amazon for £19.99. This palette contains 6 shades from the 'Super-Colour Fabulipsticks' (again with the pun) range, which are all gorgeous.

Lastly I finally got the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette which came with this little tester pack of all their primer potions which means you can try them all before you buy one! I got this from Debenhams for £37.00. I am in LOVE with this and it is now my baby.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed! If you would like to see any full reviews or swatches for this video make sure to leave me a comment below to let me know (ooh check out my rhymes).

Emma :) x

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