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Monday, 28 July 2014

Lengthening Mascara Comparison: L'Oreal Telescopic vs Maxfactor Lash Extension Effect

L'Oreal Telescopic Extra Black - £10.99
Maxfactor Lash Extension Effect - £10.99

Lately I bought the L'Oreal Telescopic Extra-Black mascara after seeing several people on Youtube using this in their tutorials, the fact that L'Oreal has 2 for £15 on their mascaras also helped. I've also had the Maxfactor mascara for a while so I decided to do a little comparison of these products because they both make the same claims. Anyway, let's start with the wands first, shall we?

The Telescopic wand has 4 rows of short, stiff bristles running along the wand, whereas the Maxfactor one has lots of slightly longer bristles. Overall I think that the Maxfactor wand separates the lashes better than the Telescopic wand does. The telescopic wand also applies more product than the maxfactor wand, which I'm not too keen on. 

Moving swiftly onto the product itself. The maxfactor mascara is a relatively dry mascara, but it still manages to stay completely clump-free (which really is fab). Whereas the telescopic mascara is much thicker and more clump-prone. The telescopic mascara is a much blacker formula and makes your lashes stand out more, however I could barely get a second coat on my lashes because of the thickness. So overall, I prefer the maxfactor product.

Okay, now here are some demos of the products. (Prepare for some serious close-ups of my eyes). My lashes have not been curled and I am wearing no makeup on my eyes whatsoever.

First coat of Maxfactor mascara

Second coat of Maxfactor mascara

First coat of Telescopic mascara

Second coat of Telescopic mascara

Overall I think I'm going to stick with my trusty Maxfactor mascara, but what do you think?

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