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Monday, 10 March 2014

Top 5 Under £5 - Spring Nail Polishes

Its finally showing signs of coming into spring(hooray!), which means colours need to be changed from winter shades to brighter spring shades. So, this brings me to showing you my top 5 favourite spring nail polishes for a price of under £5. Okay, enough babbling; here are the nail polishes.

Maybelinne Color Show in '342 Coral Craze' and '118 Urban Coral' - £2.99
If you have been reading my posts for a while, you'll know that I absolutely love these nail polishes and have done since the day they came out. They are perfectly shiny and they dry really quite quickly. I really just love the formula of these and I absolutely love the colour!

Sinful Colors in 'Cinderella' - £1.99
I am reasonably new to the brand 'Sinful Colors' and this is the only one of their products that I own, but I have heard great things about their products and so far I'm quite pleased by them. Not that you can see it in this picture, but this polish has little glitter flecks through it which make it look absolutely beautiful. The colour is perfectly suited to it's name because it creates such an amazing 'Cinderella dress' colour. The formula is quite good for the price although it's a little thin, but I can deal with that, especially for £2.

(Left) Rimmel Salon Pro in '313 Cocktail Passion' - £4.49
(Right) Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate in '701 Jazz Funk' - £4.49
I also love these nail polished. They are really good quality and have amazing shine. These colours especially are just gorgeous and I absolutely lovely.

Rimmel Space Dust in '003 Aurora' - £3.99
This isn't necessarily what I would class as a 'spring colour' but it might be what some of you guys class as one. Nevertheless, I think this is a beautiful colour and it looks absolutely gorgeous. I've done a review of this product here so I won't bore you with another short review. 

Rimmel Cocktail Colour in '140 Hawaiian Punch' - £3.99
Here is yet another Rimmel nail product in this post. I think this colour is great for spring and summer and it really just makes your nails pop. Absolutely beautiful colour and as usual Rimmel, a great, shiny, pigmented colour.

Thanks for reading this blogpost, I hope you enjoyed! Make sure you check out my links above and follow me on Bloglovin' and instagram! Emma:)

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