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Sunday, 2 March 2014

February Favourites 2014!

I have to admit, I haven't really been trying many new products this month so I don't really have very exciting favourites (sorry). Anyway, here are a few of the things that I have really been liking this month.

Natural Collection Nail Colour - £1.89
I bought this quite a while back and recently found it again in my nail polish box. I really love this as a top coat because it gives your nails such a gorgeous shine. It also stops your nails from chipping pretty decently so it's just all around a good product especially for under £2!

Soap and Glory Mist You Madly body spray - £3.50
I have been wearing this scent every day to school because it just smells amazing. The scent is floral but not too overpowering and it's just perfect for everyday wear. The only down side to this is that it doesn't last all that long but I don't really mind because I can just top it up.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - £9.99
I really like the way that this brush makes my foundation looks. There has been so many reviews and raves about this and I can understand why. The brushes last well, they blend nicely, and they are just amazing.

The Body Shop Wild Rose Targeted Hand Oil - £7.00
I mainly use this product for the scent rather than the moisturising qualities. It smells amazing and it really has helped with my cold, damaged winter hands so that's definitely a bonus. 

Topshop Plain Band Midi Rings - £6.50
I have loved midi rings since the get-go of the trend. I just think that they look so beautiful and these ones are especially my favourites. Unlike some from other stores, these don't turn your finger green which is great and they just fit my fingers perfectly. These ones by Freedom at Topshop come in silver, gold and rose gold.  I absolutely adore these (especially the rose gold one).

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