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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Back to School Essentials 2014

School is approaching, and it's approaching fast which means that it's time to do some back to school shopping. These are all the bits I think are essential for going back to school.

First off let's start with the smaller items I have. I like to use flashcards to revise throughout the year and near test times. I just picked these up from WH Smith for a couple of pounds but they are pretty much sold anywhere that has stationary. Then we have my school year diary. These are, in my eyes, essential to survive in the endless pile of homework and tests and really help keep me on track with what I have to do and in what timeframe. I picked this up here from WH Smith for £6.99. You can also get all different types of diaries or planners from various places but I just thought that this one was nice and classy. I then will move onto my Casio Scientific Calculator. You can get lots of different types of scientific calculators but this one is my personal favourite. You can get these from Tesco and WH Smith and Tesco for about £10.

I will now move onto paper. Now, this might seem pretty odd to be talking about paper, but this is my favourite paper in the history of the world. It's the perfect thickness so pens don't seep through, it has perfect line size and margins and it's just perfect. I get this Oxford Refill Pad from Tesco for £3 (it's on sale at the minute for £1.50 so I'd pick it up while you can).

 Okay, now more paper. I like to use notebooks for copying notes for studying. You can get these all from Tesco. I got the  striped notebook for £3.75, the light blue notebook for £3, and the dark blue Oxford Project Book for £5. I especially like the Oxford book because again it has the same thick paper and it also has dividers which can be moved. I like to use this for English because it has different sections which helps split the different texts that we are studying.

I will now move onto folders. I like to use these folders to keep class work separate in my bag and help me stay organised. I got these from Tesco for only a couple of pounds but I couldn't find them on their website but you should be able to find them in most stationary shops.

I will now move onto ring binders. I need to use these for some classes to keep work in and I managed to pick up a few really nice ones! First off I got the green stripe folder from Tesco for £1.75. when I was on holiday I then managed to get the other two Cath Kidston folders on sale. Sadly I couldn't find the link to them on Cath's website but I got them for around £6 reduced from £9. I thought that these were a really cute pattern and were too beautiful to resist!

Moving onto my pencil case and pens etc. I'm not going to name where each pen is from but the majority of them are BIC pens. My pencil case is also Cath Kidston and matches one of my folders. I got this for around £12 which wouldn't be what I would usually spend on a pencil case, but the floral pattern pulled me in.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed! If you would like any other Back to School posts then let me know! 

Emma:) x

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