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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

We Will Remember Them

November 11th is a day widely remembered by the vast majority of the world. It is a day that we remember the fallen soldiers of not just the First World War, but we remember the fallen of all wars. The picture above is from a ceremony I attended with my school in my hometown where we each lay a poppy cross with a soldier's name that is from our area who died in the First World War. If you read my other blog you will have also known that in September I went to Belgium with my school's history department to see the World War One battlefields, an experience that truly broke my heart. I will insert a few pictures from my trip below and if you want to find out anything about it like all the places we went or anything then just let me know.
So I hope today that you had your two minutes silence to think about someone, a complete stranger even, who gave up their today to give you a better tomorrow.

 Pool of Peace

Sanctuary Wood Museum and Trenches

Tyne Cot Cemetary

The Menin Gate

When you go home tell them of us and say 'for your tomorrow we gave our today'.

Emma x

P.S.- I will also be putting this exact post onto my other blog (heartingthg.blogspot.com). Just to let you know incase you thought it was a complete stranger.

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