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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Nails of the Week - 23/09/2013

So far this week I have been wearing this look on my nails, and I have to say, I am adoring it so far! I think this look gives a very autumnal feel and it looks great with above the knuckle rings!
Products used to create this look:
Seventeen Nail Xtras Strengthening Base Coat (around £2.99 I think)
It's always important to wear a base coat whenever you wear nail polish to prevent staining and to even out the nail. I have used this Seventeen one although I have had better, I'd say just any base coat nail polish would do, there is nothing spectacular about this one! If you know of any other good base coats please let me know because I am in desperate need of a new one!

Maybelline Color Show in '352 Downtown Red' - £2.99
I love these nail polishes, as you will see because all of my nail colours are from the Color Show selection. These give a very smooth and shiny finish and take a while to chip, mines lasts for about a week. Superb! This one is a beautiful deep red colour which is perfect for autumn! Not much I can say other than that! Love it!

Maybelline Color Show in '46 Sugar Crystals' - £2.99
I first discovered this on a youtube advert and though to myself "Ooh, that looks pretty cool" and now this is definitely my favourite nail polish by far! It adds the perfect amount of fine glitter that adds a bit of shimmer and sparkle to any dull polish! I have been wearing this to death! (I know, I'll tone down the exclamation marks, but it's just really great).
Maybelline Color Show in '649 Clear Shine' - £2.99
When you see this polish in the bottle it looks a bit pinkish, which made me a bit reluctant to buy it in case it dyed my lighter colours on my nails darker. But I couldn't have been more wrong and I'm so glad I bought this! It adds a very nice shiny coat to top off your polish, great drugstore top coat. It also locks in your designs for the entire week and makes your nails beautifully smooth.
Thank you for reading this blog post and these type of blog posts will be up every week. Love, Emma:)

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