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Monday, 30 September 2013

Nails of the Week - 30/09/2013

So this week I have been sporting a dark blue metallic colour. I usually don't go for blue colours as they don't normally suit my skin tone, but I love this one! The products I used are:

17 Nail Xtras Strengthening Base Coat - Around £2.99 (It wouldn't let me upload a picture but I have one in last weeks nails of the week and a mini review).

NYC Long-Wearing Nail Enamel in '115A Skin Tight Denim Creme' - £1.99
This nail polish is cheap but very good quality. NYC was my first nail polish brand I properly bought from as it was within my very small budget. This nail polish is quite old so it may not be available anymore but I'm sure there are plenty of alternatives on the high street. You could easily get away with one coat of this polish as it has very high coverage, although that can't be said for all the NYC nail colours as some of them can be quite sheer. I absolutely love this colour!

Maybelline Color Show in '649 Clear Shine' - £2.99
Again, an amazing top coat. You'll be seeing this quite often on these so I wont bore you by giving you another mini review of it. If you want to see the mini review go to last week's nails of the week.
(Click on the link).

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