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Saturday, 1 February 2014

January Favourites 2014!

Well January has went past in the blink of an eye! I cannot believe that it is February already. Anyway, January brought Britain the well awaited Baby Skin and new Revlon lip crayons. How delightful! This month I haven't really been using many new products so this months favourites is a bit of a mix. So here are my January favourites:


Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser - £7.99
I have to say, when I first bought this I had my doubts about the 'pore eraser' qualities that this claimed to have. Although I was strangely surprised when I gave this a try. I still wouldn't say that it erased my pores but I would definitely say that it blurred them. It made my makeup apply very smoothly and it definitely prolonged the wear of my makeup.

Dove Style+Care Dry Shampoo - £4.95
When I first tried this I really didn't like it very much. I just didn't think that it gave me the same 'oil-free' look to my hair as the Batiste dry shampoo did. Now I have to say I absolutely love it. It is completely colourless (unlike the batiste one which is white) which is great if you don't brush a bit out properly. This takes the oils out of my hair really quite well and easily which is great if I am in a hurry because it means I don't have to faff around trying to get it all sorted. This also creates a great amount of volume, so yeah I love it!

Maybelline Fit Me Anti-Shine Foundation Stick - £8.99
I have slowly drifted away from my Maybelline BB cream because a) it is too dark for me now and b) because this is so much easier and quicker to apply. I absolutely love this foundation, but I won't bore you with a big in-depth review because I've done one before here. I just find that this gives a perfect finish when paired with the baby skin primer.

Yankee Candle 'River Valley'  - found here.
I love this candle, it smells unbelievable. I have to say, I don't know if it exactly smells like a 'river valley' because I've never smelled one. My best description of this scent is that it smells like the men's body spray Lynx, which I quite like the smell of. I've been burning this literally non stop in my room over the past month.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion - £7.65
I really like this moisturiser, I think that I have spoken about it in a post before but I can't really remember to be honest. I just really like this because it dries in really quickly which is great on school mornings when I need to quickly moisturise before I apply my makeup. It just has a really good balance between being moisturising but not greasy which is great. It's just an all round good moisturiser.

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I also have a disclaimer that I won't be able to post all that much during February because I have some really important school exams so I need to study! Emma :)

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